100 Days of Happiness // Day 1 {Food, Books, Music and Cracking the Code}

Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the start of a new era. Kind of. Not really. What’s really happened is that I’ve decided to start a new feature! Woohoo! As the name kind of hints, 100 Days of Happiness will involve picking something good out of every day, to try and begin to reprogram my brain to stop, think about and remember the good things that happen each day, rather than dwelling  unnecessarily on the bad.

This feature was actually first used as I know it by Kayleigh over at Miserable and Magical, who discovered it from other bloggers, friends on Facebook and the internet as a whole, and has kindly agreed to let me use it, as I think it’s such a brilliant idea. Kayleigh’s just coming to the end of her 100 Days, but head over there for an idea of what makes her happy, and for an introduction to the whole feature that’s a lot more interesting and makes a lot more sense than mine!

So with no further ado, here is Day 1 of 100…

Today, I had to go to the orthodontist (everyone’s favourite summer holiday activity), but despite unknowingly breaking my brace, I got an edible bonus – a hot chocolate and jam doughnut from the cafe! (I have not had a doughnut in waaay too long!) Other successful foodie parts of my day were a stir-fry I fried (and stirred!) myself (although my sister helped when I cleverly splashed boiling water on my arm), and a tortilla-pizza with sweetcorn for lunch! A nectarine didn’t go down too badly either, even though I made an absolute hash of cutting it up!


Ready for my close-up! Yum.

Books-wise, I finished The Fault in Our Stars (review soon!), read a few pages of The Book Thief. Musically, I listened to some of my CD of my jazz group from the Montreux Jazz Festival, which arrived yesterday! I’m telling you, professional sound guys make everything sound so much better…;)

What made me happiest, however, was CRACKING THE CODE! I managed to add a new page with a sub-category archive, all for this feature, which I’ve done twice before but nonetheless always fail to remember (no fear, it’s written on a virtual sticky note on my laptop now!). Oh, and of course Kayleigh being happy for me to use her idea, saying she liked my Tracklisting Tuesdays feature and helping me with a few technical problems 🙂 Thanks!

What’s made YOU happy today?

Stay Happy!

An Overthinking Teenager


3 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness // Day 1 {Food, Books, Music and Cracking the Code}

  1. Kayleigh says:

    I love your very first post. I need something out: I can’t take credit for the whole idea. I decided to do it on my blog but I had seen friends on Instagram and Facebook doing it. It’s not my idea I just found it on the internet but I am very happy you’re making it a new feature on the blog! Cannot wait to see how your 100 days pan out!
    Glad to see you go you’re theme on track. I love it! Enjoying taking part in The 100 Days of Happiness Challenge, can’t believe mine ends tomorrow!! 🙂


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