Tracklisting Tuesdays Part 1: Something Old, Something New…

This is my first Tracklisting Tuesdays in 2 weeks! Whoops…I’ve been abroad for the last three Tuesdays, so I’m afraid I didn’t really get round to writing the last two TTs posts…but no fear, Tracklisting Tuesdays is once again here! {I think that sounded better in my head…}. This week, Tracklisting Tuesday has two parts. In this part, I’m picking out four tracks; Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Here we go…

Something Old: Livin’ On A Prayer // Bon Jovi

Year: 1986

Livin’ On A Prayer is undoubtedly old, but also brilliant. If you don’t already know this, prepare to be infected with shout-out-loudness!


Something New: Beggin For Thread // BANKS

Similarly to her last single ‘Goddess’, Beggin For Thread has an understated, relaxed Sunday-afternoon vibe. Which, as I’m writing this at 4 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon, is very appropriate! BANKS has also once again struck gold with the lyric video…

Something Borrowed: Stay With Me // Lauren Aquilina

As regular readers will know, two of my favourite artists are Sam Smith and Lauren Aquilina. It only makes sense then that mixing them together will produce something brilliant…and that is exactily what happened when Lauren covered Stay With Me at St Pancras Station, London.


Something Blue: Blue Eyed Lady // Status Quo

I will admit, this was the hardest of the four; I had to Google songs with blue in the title, before I thought of Status Quo and looked to see if any of their songs involved the colour blue. My dad is a biiigg Status Quo fan, which is what triggered me to think of them…they are unashamedly proud of their three-chord basis, even entitling thir 28th studio album ‘In Search of the Fourth Chord’.





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