Tracklisting Tuesdays: Big Band Beauties

In honour of me playing at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival with my local jazz orchestra, I decided to highlight my favourite charts from our repertoire,  both to play and to listen to.
Peanut Face
I’ve never actually played this,  as the senior band plays it and I’m in the junior band, but I just love it! It’s so motivational and an instant mood booster.

Gonna Fly Now
Again, I’ve never played this, but it seems to me to be the embodiment of awesomeness!

Funky Jeans
Although there are some super hard and fiddly trumpet bits in this, I really like it! It was originally learnt entirely by the players during a band mix-up last October at our annual residential, so it always feels that extra bit fun to play!

This was originally recorded by Weather Report, and is probably my ultimate favourite tune to play. I first played it last year, when an older member of the band could choose to teach us a chart from the year before, and chose this one. This year, oir conductor finally gave in to our pleas to play it,  and we basically jumped straight in! I love this so so much, and even have a five bar section where I’m the only trumpet playing one bit!

Special Mentions:

Feeling Good
Originally by Nina Simone and covered by Michael Buble, I don’t play this but when the senior band do, it’s an absolute masterpiece!

Originally by Barry Manilow, this is pretty much the same as above!

Have you got any favourite songs to play in any genre, and what do you think of my picks?

An Overthinking Teenager
PS: Montreux Jazz Festival post coming soon!


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