Tracklisting Tuesdays: All About The Es

For today’s Tracklisting Tuesday, I decided to combine two potential candidates: Ella Eyre and Caro Emerald. I chose Ella Eyre because I absolutely love her new single (unfortunately not released yet 😦 ) and I chose Caro Emerald because I’ve liked her music fora while, and just happened to get a recommendation of her song ‘That Man’ which brought her back onto my horizon.


Ella Eyre’s track ‘If I Go’ is a soulful song that makes me just want to siiiiiiiingggg!!! It reminds me of Ella Henderson’s ‘Ghost’ in a way too. This is the first solo track I’ve heard from Ella Eyre (after collaborations with Rudimental and Bastille), and I’m definitely going to keep an ear out for her in the future!

I like several of Caro Emerald’s jazz-pop tracks (namely ‘Back It Up’, ‘Tangled Up’, ‘That Man’, ‘Riviera Life’ and ‘Liquid Lunch’). What I like best about her music is the fusion of jazz and pop – great for a jazz-liking teenager who also loves the charts! I actually first discovered her a year or so ago when BBC Radio 2 did a live session with her, and kept playing clips of her music during the ads for that. I guess advertising really does work! I also love the concept of this video…be sure to check it out!


Both these choices are kind of soulful-jazzyish (if you distort your ears enough!) – what do you think of them?

An Overthinking Teenager


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