Milestones, Holidays and a Roundup of My Week

I have looots of news!

Last week I reached an awesome blogging milestone: 50 FOLLOWERS! What’s almost crazier is that I am now on FIFTY SIX FOLLOWERS!!! At this rate, I’ll be on 100 by the end of the summer! A few awesome bloggy people I want to say THANKS to…

The Public Blogger for being my 50th follower!

Kameron George for being my first ever follower! Leading the path for awesome people forevermore…

My beautiful friend codename Mozzarella (hope you get that one!) for checking my blog basically all the time and probably making up 500 of my 900-and-something views!


Second thing…I am going to be rather absent from the blogging world in the next few weeks…I’m spending a week PLAYING at the Montreux Jazz Festival, casually sharing the bill with Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Paloma Faith, Laura Mvula, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke, Banks…(as featured in previous blog posts! Eeeeek!). I shall be sure to take plenty of photos for when I get back, and follow my Instagram (@bookssteaanda_onesie) for hopefully more up-to-date photos! I will be visiting Chamonix, the Large Hadron Collider, Geneva and obviously exploring the festival…

Just two days after returning from Switzerland, I shall be on my official school summer holidays (WOOP WOOP!), and jetting off to SPAAIIIN for two weeks! 🙂 get me, international jet setter…


Thirdly…as I subtly mentioned above, I have an INSTAGRAM account! I will put my name in my bio, and it’s above as well. Come and say hello, I would love to keep you up to date with what I’m doing!

Now a week-and-a-bit roundup…

Last week was interesting…it involved Buddhists, bad acting and diplomacy! On Wednesday I went on a school trip to our local ‘Kadampa’ Buddhist centre,and met a Buddhist nun before trying some meditation (definitely harder than you think!). On Wednesday afternoon I had Latin, and we watched Jason and the Golden Fleece…not the best acting, but definitely better than that in the Odyssey film adaptation that we watched! On Friday I took part in the annual Mini Model United Nations conference between our school and a local all-girls school…pretty much just an excuse to feel important and get some time off school! I was representing the Netherlands and was debating the questions of LGBT rights and refugees. As all the delegates have to try and represent their country’s views as accurately as possible, the LGBT rights debate was fairly skewed…debating definitely isn’t as fun when you’re the minority against the majority!

On Sunday I went with a friend to my FIRST EVER FESTIVAL, blinkbox music’s South West Live, featuring Jason Derulo, Jessie J, The Vamps, Rixton, The Saturdays, Rizzle Kicks and Neon Jungle. We caught all the acts except for Rixton (we heard the tail end of their set from the queue) and Alexa Goddard, who was up first. Although I’m not the biggest fan of their music, both Jessie J and Jason Derulo were amazing performers, making it impossible not to enjoy their sets (unless you’re my dad…he may have been the exception to the rule!). As my friend who saw them supporting Taylor Swift promised, The Vamps were amaaazing live! They started their set with their new single ‘Somebody To You’, followed by ‘Last Night’, ‘Can We Dance’ and I think ‘Wild Heart’. They also spiced up their set by adding in a cover of Jason Derulo’s ‘Trumpets’, which they covered in the Radio 1 Live Lounge,and by playing a cover of ‘Cecilia’, originally by Simon & Garfunkel, if Google serves me rightly.

Rizzle Kicks got literally EVERYBODY in the crowd jumping, regardless of age or music taste, and both Neon Jungle, Union J and The Saturdays were great. We skipped Katy B, preferring to hang out by the Portaloos, hopefully stalking/catching the occasional glimpse of one of the members of The Vamps. After Jason Derulo’s set, we were lucky enough to be visiting the loos when he came out to take selfies and sign some stuff for the eager fans waiting. Naturally, we had left all our phones with my sister and dad, so I legged it back to grab my sister and phone! Although we didn’t get a selfie, we do have a pretty good photo of him ‘staring’ *ahem* at us! Perfectly timed photos…

The festival was a great experience…Foxes are playing there at the end of July too, but unfortunately I think I’m on holiday then. :(. If anything, it has made me more determined to see Bastille live…IT WILL HAPPEN!!! Even if I’m fifty and it’s at a reunion gig…another of my life aims is to go to Glastonbury…I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Unfortunately, after getting home around midnight we had to get up at the completely unreasonable hour of 7 o’clock for school, to face a day filled with the enticing prospect of the school swimming gala. My house ended up coming a respectable 6/9, although I tripped on the way home and had lots of bright red (oxygenated!) blood trickling down my leg for the rest of the journey home…ouch.

How’s your week been? Who do you want to see live, and is anybody going to the Montreux Jazz Festival?

Thanks for listening to (or rather, reading) my inane ramblings…

An Overthinking Teenager 🙂



5 thoughts on “Milestones, Holidays and a Roundup of My Week

    • rainbowcakesandrockyroad says:

      Thanks! Terrified but excited would be a pretty accurate description of how I feel right now, I think! I’ll be posting pictures on my instagram account @booksteaanda_onesie so feel free to check that out! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 oh and I play the trumpet!


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