Tracklisting Tuesdays: Lauren Aquilina Take #2

So yesterday I gave you the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Sam Smith cover of Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know?
I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to feature this week, until, about an hour ago, a post from Lauren Aquilina popped up on my Facebook news feed, announcing a collaboration with Prides. I previously liked LA’s collab with Frank Hamilton on Flaws & Ceilings (another iTunes Song of the Week freebie, it was actually the first I ever heard of her), and so immediately checked out this collaboration, called Strong Enough.
It’s a completely different sound to her usual tracks, kind of synth-poppy, and also opened my ears to Prides.

Right now, I’m also loving Arctic Monkeys “Snap Out Of It”, and To Kill A King “Bones”, as well as their performance of “Choices” with Bastille (who else?) at Southside Festival. What are you loving music-wise at the moment?

-An Overthinking Teenager


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