“You and I, We Don’t Want To Be Like Them…”

A vaguely music-ish, slightly late Tracklisting Tuesdays post…

As a teenager,  I have an impressively high cringe aversion rate.  However,  last Friday my luck ran out. Me and a friend were discussing her 22 year old brother’s ‘interesting’ love of One Direction. Apparently a 22 year old male running around singing Midnight Memories makes for an interesting sight.
So last week we were in the loos, discussing One Direction,  as you do, and I was expressing my dislike of their song You & I. By mimicking it, in an incredibly screechy and out-of-tune voice.  Soon my friend joined in, and a sound similar to that of an elephant giving birth (not that I know what that sounds like. Purely my imagination) was emanating from these loos in the centre of our school. Luckily,  the loos were empty. Unfortunately,  we didn’t realise the window was open, and a GCSE exam group was being briefed by the deputy head directly outside.  Whoops.
We were embarrassed by this, but guessed we could just hide out in the loos till they left. Unfortunately,  five minutes later they were still there. And we were nearly late for our lessons.  Cue the walk/sprint of shame, desperately hoping they hadn’t heard the animal-like noises coming from the loos previously…
What awkward moments has music got you into?

An Overthinking Teenager


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