Tracklisting Tuesdays: Radio 1 Playlist

This week, I was reallyyy running out of ideas for a Tracklisting Tuesday-I wanted to do a list but coudn’t think of anything, my Bastille obsession has reached new heights but you all know about that, and I haven’t particularly discovered any new music across the last week. BUT THEN! I skim-read an article about how tracks are  playlisted on BBC Radio 1 (article in question here). I didn’t quite get to the end, but it inspired me to think about my opinion of Radio 1. A quick rundown, DJ-wise:

Nick Grimshaw– If my radio happens to be switched to Radio 1 and Nick Grimshaw comes on as my alarm, I get up pretty sharpish. Then again, I wouldn’t want Greg James to be moved to the breakfast show, because he’s awesome and his show starts exactly when I get home from school. But still, a big thumbs-down for ‘Grimmy’.

Fearne Cotton– I swear she never used to be this annoying! Not as bad as Nick Grimshaw, but given the choice between my iPod and her, I’d go for the iPod.

Scott Mills-Less annoying still. Occasionally gets on my nerves, but this time I’d stick with the radio.

Greg James– He’s funny, and in between music doesn’t just ramble aimlessly (like me!). Or if he does, it’s at least funny. Even my mum will tolerate his show, plus he champions Bastille-what more do you want in a DJ?!?

Zane Lowe- Don’t listen to him much, but he’s not too irritating. Practically bearable, in fact!

Dan and Phil: Brilliantly funny Sunday show, just wish they were on in the weekdays more!

Annie Mac/Toddla T/MistaJam– don’t listen, can’t comment. Sorry!

Huw Stephens– a bit irritating-split between iPod and radio here! My mum once said “I’m sorry, I can’t listen to this, his accent is too annoying!” Is that even politically correct anymore???

Now  for my thoughts on this week’s playlist (I’ll  only do the ones I’ve heard, as this is in danger of getting a bit long-winded! Maybe I’ll do a follow up with the one’s I haven’t heard next week?)…


Bastille – Bad Blood

I love Bastille. ‘Nuff said. Oh, except the video for this is weird and just a little creepy. Other than that, awesomeness in an mp3. (Not that I’m biased, or anything.)

Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel

First heard it-confused. Reminded me of bagpipes. But yeah, I really like it now, and I think I might go and check out some of their other music too!

Clean Bandit – Extraordinary

I do like this, and it’s slowly growing on me, but the vocal just feels a bit ‘pale’ to me though (can you even describe music as colours?). Rather Be grew on me though, so maybe this one will just take a bit of time.

Fuse ODG (feat. Sean Paul) – Dangerous Love

I can’t actually  remember this! At the moment, not a great fan-certainly not a particularly memorable track, in my opinion.

Katy Perry – Birthday

Kinda impartial on this one-nothing that’s left a great mark or that I’ll be downloading anytime soon, anyway.

One Direction – You & I

This song kind of annoys me, because it just seems so perfect and flawless and smug and generally GRRRR! Yeah, sorry to any 1D fans out there, but a bit depressing for me!

Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe

Hmm…this one’s a tricky one! I quite like it-it’s got a catchy beat, but feels quite stripped back and flimsy, whereas I prefer a bit more substance. At least it’s not overproduced though, and doesn’t feel too fake (ahem *One Direction*)

Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down

I actually quite like this! The electric-y something-y bit right at the start is seriously catchy, and I can’t get it out of my head! I’m a Calvin Harris fan too, so I like the collaboration.

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Literally downloaded this last night! Such a pure-sounding voice, and it doesn’t make me too depressed! (I reckon you know you truly like a sad song if you can listen to it without getting overly depressed).

Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul

I like this. Can’t quite understand all the lyrics, but it’s got substance without being too shouty. Would definitely consider downloading! Their Radio 1 Big Weekend performance of this was pretty good too.



Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars

I like this, despite the repetitive and somewhat minimalistic lyrics! Both this and Magic seem to be a lot more stripped back and electronic-sounding, and that’s starting to grow on me. Actually writing this watching their Big Weekend performance, coincidentally!

Ed Sheeran – Sing


Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Pretty impartial to this at first, but it gets more bearable with every listen. I’ll update this if I have a radical opinion change…

Little Mix – Salute

Again, something that’s growing on me-I originally wasn’t too keen on the way more of it is spoken rather than sung, but I think the message of the song is great.

Tinie Tempah – 5 Minutes

5 MINUTES TILL I EXPLODE! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I sometimes quite like tracks like this,  and at points it just makes me want to jump around! Not too big a fan of rap though, so I guess this gets rated with a ‘Meh’.


Ella Henderson – Ghost

Not a huuuge fan on X Factor, and didn’t see her on it, but this is quietly growing on me every time I hear it. It’ll be interested to see how successful she is off the back of the X Factor.

George Ezra – Budapest

LIKE THIS! It isn’t out yet though, so I can’t download it *makes sad face*. I will download it when it comes out though, and the album art is just AWESOME!

In conclusion, a lot of these songs are ones that are slowly growing on me-and interestingly, a lot of them have quite a stripped back, electronic sound to them.

Soo, that’s it! I guess I knew about 50% of the songs on the playlist, and you can see the rest that made it on here. What do you think  of these? And, in case of another inspiration strike next week, have you got any songs you think I should check out/Tracklisting Tuesday’s ideas? Finally, I’m kind of checking out the band Swiss Lips-have any of you heard of them, and if so, whaddaya think?

Thanks for reading!

An Overthinking Teenager,



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