My So-Called Book Review: Psychics, Psychos and Sidekicks

So, following my trip to my BRAND NEW LIBRARY which you can read all about here, (yep, just a teensy bit excited), I have officially COMPLETED another book. This one is ‘My So-Called Afterlife’ by Tamsyn Murray.

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I was attracted to this book for a few reasons- firstly, I loved the cover. A drop-dead gorgeous colour scheme (sorry, couldn’t resist), all purples and subtle greys and pinks. Heaven! (OK, I’ll stop with the death puns now.) Secondly, the title was pretty awesome-pulling me in, I was immediateely desperate to discover how an afterlife can be ‘so-called’! Thirdly, the tag line (is that wwhat it’s called? I wasn’t sure, so I guessed!). For those of you with dodgy eyesight (like me!) who can’t read it off the book, it says ‘Psychics, psychos and sidekicks…Who says death has to be dull?’. Not quite highbrow fiction then, but worth a closer look!

‘My So-Called Afterlife’ starts with the literary gem that is ‘I knew it was time to move on when a tramp peed on my Uggs’. Gold, honestly. The book follows newbie ghost Lucy Shaw as she haunts the Carnaby Street men’s public toilets, the site of her death, and attempts to catch her killer. But being a ghost, she can’t do this on her own…enter stage left unsuspecting psychic Jeremy, who is soon dead-set on helping Lucy to catch her killer and ‘pass on’ into the ‘next plane of living’. And no, it’s not as simple as going to the airport, as Lucy soon discovers.

I loved this book, because of the complete juxtaposition between the subjects being discussed-the dark side of a murder mystery, coupled with the heartwarmingly weird notion of ghostly love and snogging. Although I am the last person to pick up a horror story out of choice (reading  Michelle Paver’s Dark Matter in English nearly shredded my nerves to sawdust…then again, that could have had something to do with my teacher’s sadistic promises of ‘no sleep for the next two months’ due to nightmare, and promises of a sequel),  Tamsyn Murray’s 2010  debut novel had enough comedic undertones to keep even me reading-it’s reassuring to know ghosts have their own phone network!

I’d recommend My So-Called Afterlife to teenagers or preteens who just want a fun, thrilling and laugh-out-loud book to read. At only 184 pages long, it isn’t a challenging read, but is definitely worth every second.

What’s your current library reading book?

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