Classy and Creative: Cover Mania!

This is my ‘Tracklisting Tuesdays’ post for this week-I’ve just finished science exams and was absolutely swamped with revision on Tuesday, so here it is-but it’s all OK, the title alliteration still works!

For a while now, I’ve loved listening to covers: not brand new YouTube sensations, but already famous singers putting their twist on existing songs. The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge is especially good for this-an existing artist goes in and performs both their own latest song, and a mystery cover, the whole point being that they make it an original reworking, not just a cover. I’ve decided that for this week’s music feature, I’m going to pinpoint my favourites: no, I couldn’t resist Bastille!

Lauren Aquilina – Magic (originally by Coldplay)

This is a very recent cover by a previous Tracklisting Tuesdays feature artist: yes, the one and only Lauren Aquilina! A few weeks ago, she did a session at the famous BBC Maida Vale studios for BBC Radio 1 Introducing. Here, she played not only three of her own original  tracks (Broke, Fools and Talk To Me), she covered Magic by Coldplay. Magic has been covered multiple times lately, by a huge multitude of artists-including both Aloe Blacc and You Me At Six. But I picked out Lozza Aq’s just because I love her music, and think more people should hear it!

Bastille – We Can’t Stop (yes, it’s that one-originally by Miley Cyrus)

Yep, Bastille again. Soz. Bastille are well known for their covers-they have released 2 ‘Other People’s Heartache’ mixtapes of covers(only one of which I can find online :(), and have graced the BBC R1 Live Lounge a total of 4 times (Earth Song/Common People, We Can’t Stop, a Xmas Medley and Locked Out of Heaven). Good news for Bastille junkies like me, then. I picked out this particular one of their covers because they have perfectly pulled off a typical Bastille twist-why cover one song when you can stick bits from other songs in there too?. For this Live Lounge, they covered predominantly Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop, Eminem’s Lose Yourself, and Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus’  hit Achy Breaky Heart. Oh, and a bit of the Lion King. Just because.

Ed Sheeran & Passenger- No Diggity/Thrift Shop (originally by Blackstreet/Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis)

First discovered No Diggity through the awesome film Pitch Perfect, then discovered  this collaborative cover on 8tracks, an internet radio site I do believe I’ve waxed lyrical about previously. I just love this cover-seriously catchy, you won’t get it out of your head!



I’m afraid that’s it for today-but if you enjoyed the Bastille one, check out their Other People’s Heartache mixtapes!

-An Overthinking Teenager


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