Sorry,  sorry,  sorry!
Phewf, got that over with!  (And no, I don’t know if phewf is a legitimate word, but whatever,  just call me a rebellious teenager.)
I have a serious backlog of posts to catch up on-concluding my Easter Bucket List,  a quick report on my awesome trip to Bournemouth (typing Bournemouth on my phone, predictive text just came up with ‘Bournvillflakilius’. Autocorrect is truly brilliant.), and possibly a photo gallery from my recent day trip to Cardiff,  so look out for them over the next few days!
For now though, I’ll settle for concluding my (overdue) bucket list.

Explore my 'Easter Bucket List' posts to keep up with how I'm doing!

Explore my ‘Easter Bucket List’ posts to keep up with how I’m doing!

So, here goes – a quick roundup of how my Easter Bucket List went:

1- Learn to play Drunken Sailor on the trombone

This was a tricky one-by the end of the holidays, I could just about stutter out a passable rendition of Drunken Sailor, but my progress was partially halted by a very sore brace :(.  Still, I’ll count this one as a pass!

2-Make smoothies

Tick! See my last bucket list post for pics!

3-Make smoothie ice lollies

Same as above!

4- Reorganise my wardrobe

Hmmm…not completely successful-I did go through and sort through my shoes a bit. Or maybe that was in the February half term. Oh well! Onwards and upwards!

5-Do a DIY

Done! I made a 3D heart art kind of thing, inspired by various things I’ve seen on the internet. If you’re looking for a tutorial, just type in ‘3D Heart Art DIY’ into Google and find one you like! This is one of my DIY projects that actually worked out pretty well, and I’m going to buy a frame for it next time I’m near IKEA.

DIY heart art in progress!

DIY heart art in progress!

6-Say nothing negative for a day

I don’t actually know if this happened! One day my mum said she reckoned I had gone at least all the day till that point without saying anything negative, so I’ll consider this one a success!

7-Go a day without my phone or iPod


8-Cook a family meal

Check! See my previous bucket list post for a photo of the BBC Goodfood potato, mushroom and spinach pie.

9-Write down something brilliant about me every day

Yeah…good in theory, didn’t happen. I have got a jar set aside for a ‘Happy Jar’-check out for more info!

10-Make a piece of art out of the stuff around my desk

I reckon that as the heart DIY was made out of newspaper and patterned paper from around my desk, this counts! If you want extra proof, I made a heart garland out of the leftover hearts.

11-Wear a dress/skirt

Done! On the day I walked to meet my mum for lunch.

12-Watch and photograph a sunrise

This was an interesting one. I checked the Met Office app for time of sunrise, and got into the garden, prepared with Dad’s camera and facing west for 6 a.m., but the sky was already kind of light-I probably would have had to get up about an hour earlier to actually get a full sunrise, but I did get some cool photos anyway.

Didn't get a sunrise, but I did get a bird!

Didn’t get a sunrise, but I did get a bird!


Action shot!

Hope you enjoyed following my progress-what’s on your bucket list?

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