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As keen followers of my blog may be aware (if there are any keen followers?!?), I like music, and tend to attach myself to a couple of artists for a period of time, and become utterly obsessed with them. At the moment, my prime obsession is with Bastille (no, don’t worry, I’m not about to go into a dizzying spiel about their brilliant lyrics, subtle messages and general amazingness. Sorry, I promise I’ll shut up about them now!), but I also have another current artist that I really like, namely Lauren Aquilina. Yes, that is her real name. Lauren, if you’re reading this, can I have your name please??? It’s so awesome!!!

Therefore, as well as posting my favourite lyrics and intermittent updates of new music I find on my new page ‘Musical Madness’, I’ve decided to try and start a regular feature, Tracklisting Tuesdays. Here I’m going to pick one track or artist each week, that I’ve either discovered through the radio or have known about for a long time. If I can’t find anything to fulfil any of these criteria, I’ll attempt to find an article by someone else on music, or if all else fails, resort to rambling on about Bastille (only joking!). I hope you’ll enjoy reading – if you know of any artists you love, let me know and I’ll check them out.

Anyway! Lauren is an 18 year old singer-songwriter, playing (as she calls it), ‘reverby magical piano stuff’. She left school last year, and has self released a trilogy of EPs – ‘Fools’, ‘Sinners’, and ‘Liars’ (two of which I own). Although her music is undeniably tear-jerking – in Jameela Jamil’s words, ‘I hope that girl finds a nice boy and writes some happy songs soon'(although admittedly she was talking about Christina Perri’s new track ‘Human’), the lyrics are beautiful and she has a real talent – when she’s singing, the emotion really comes across, and she sounds very genuine. She also updates her Facebook and Twitter pages regularly,and replies to pretty much everybody who posts on her page/tweets her.

talk to me lyrics

This is basically how I feel all the time – as my tagline points out, I’m a serial overthinker! Background Picture Credit: with added text, via Wikipedia Commons


She also posted a really inspirational video about what beauty means to her on her Youtube page, and did a brilliant video about how to release a single (literally!)

Basically, I have a bit of a girl crush on Lauren, only partly due to her music-if you check out her Facebook page, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that she seems like a generally awesome person. Plus, she has a giraffe onesie. Come ON!

Let me know what you think about this feature, and if you have any other features you would like me to do!

An Overthinking Teenager


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