My Easter Bucket List

easterlistimage complete copy

YAY! It’s the Easter holidays: two-and-a-bit weeks of sleep, no school, sun (?) and, most importantly, NO SCHOOL! (did I already mention no school?). As I’m sure many teenagers would agree, one characteristic of the holidays is that I soon slip into a predictable routine of sleep,eat,read, TV, eat, repeat. Therefore, having just got back from a weekend trip to not-so-sunny Bournemouth (post coming soon!) I’ve decided to be unusually productive, and make a ‘bucket list’ of things to do for the remaining 13 days of my holiday-I plan to write a short post every couple of days to update you on my progress (sorry if this doesn’t quite work out-I’ll try my best!).

Here goes:

easter bucket lis

  1. Learn to play ‘Drunken Sailor’ on the trombone
  2. Make smoothies
  3. Make smoothie ice lollies
  4. Reorganise my wardrobe
  5. Do a DIY
  6. Say nothing negative for a day
  7. Go a day without my phone or iPod
  8. Cook a family meal
  9. Write down something fab about me every day
  10. Make a piece of art with all the random stuff hanging around by my desk
  11. Wear a dress/skirt
  12. Watch (and photograph) a sunrise

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