Because I’m Happy


I’ve decided to have a go at the Daily Prompt….

Sometimes I just wake up, generally on Mondays, with a kind of sinking feeling in my stomach, facing a day of maths, Latin, double biology and French. This produces a great desire to go back to sleep, resolutely ignoring the cheerful burbling of Chris Evans, the ominous footsteps of a parent come to haul me out of bed and the essay that needs to be handed in first thing this morning. Ugh.

I’m then faced with a dilemma: I have to go to school, but I really, really don’t want to. I’ve come up with a number of methods for dealing with this-turn the radio on,force yourself out of bed and start interacting with the rest of my family as soon as possible, even if its just to yell at my sister for putting away the bread when I still wanted it. AGAIN. By tricking my brain into thinking everything is normal, I’m telling it that I won’t accept getting grumpy, worried or stressed for no logical reason other than its a Monday.

morning quoteI also try to apply a particular philosophy to my life, whatever the occasion. I always try and find something positive in the day, even if I can’t find anything to look forward to. This one thing, whether its a sleepover, pizza for tea or simply cominghome, gives me something to look forward to, helps me cheer myself up and gives my day a purpose. I also try and always have a smile on my face- my mum is always saying that if you look happy, and act happy, you will eventually become happy. My final strategy is to listen to happy music or my current favourite song on the way to school-this just lifts my spirits and helps me start the day off smiling.

An Overthinking Teenager

writtten for

(Title taken from lyrics of Happy by Pharrell Williams)


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